Utility Locate To Put Up New Cell Tower - Dallas, Texas

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was contacted to locate utilities within four 30x30 locations to put up a new cell tower. The contractor need to excavate to build the base of the tower and needed to put three anchor locations around the tower to support the cell tower. It was critical to locate all lines within the area to assure they would not hit the lines to slow down the construction of the tower. There was a gas line that the contractor needed to know where it was to ensure his tower was not going to built on top of the gas line. If the gas line was in fact in the path of the tower, the tower would then have to be moved to another location. GPRS was able to come out and successfully locate all lines within the tower and anchor locations making this a safe job site. X-ray can be used for many different applications such as finding underground storage tanks, electrical lines, concrete foundations, sewer lines, storm sewer lines, and many other important applications.

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Ground Penetrating Radar Systems used a 400 MHz antenna for this application and a Radio Detection (RD) device to detect electrical current deep in the soil. All findings were marked with SUE marking paint directly on the surface for easy interpretation by the customer. GPRS’ 400 MHz antenna was ideal because of its accurate deep penetration and the open clear area the technician had to work. GPR was ideal for this application due to the active work site in the surrounding areas. GPR emits no radiation and is safe for others to work in the area near the scan location.

For a similar scan on your job site please contact Adam Kubicki at 972.922.0223. Ground Penetrating Radar has also been used to locate post tension, rebar, conduits, and other anomalies inside concrete. Sonar and X-ray are performed all over the country by GPRS but are local in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Tyler, Sherman, and McKinney, Texas. To make your job site more safe, contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems.