Utility Locate Prior to Cell Phone Tower Update - Chicago, IL

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Chicago was called by a contractor to complete a utility scan at a cell tower compound where updates were taking place. The contractor wanted to use the results of the scan for current and future projects, and thanks to the results of the scan, the contractor will be able to have peace of mind while completing their projects.

Using a combination of both GPR and Radio Detection technologies, we are able to provide our customers with a real time view of the layout of utility lines. We use a RD (Radio Detection) 8000 locator to identify live power lines, communication lines, and other utilities that may have a power signal and the results of this scan are marked onto the project surface. Next, once all live power, communication lines, (and other utilities that might give off a power signal) are located and marked out, GPRS uses the latest GSSI Sir-3000 technology to double-check our work.

GPR technology emits radiation less than 1% of what has been found to be emitted by most cell phones. This means that GPR technology safe for your work zone, and that your project location does not have to be evacuated during the scannign process.

GPRS specializes in multi-technology investigations, and in order to do so, we employ highly qualified, trained and hardworking individuals. We guarantee the best service, with quick response times, quality scan results, great pricing, and enthusiasm. After each job is completed, we provide customers with a complete report of our findings.

If your company needs private utility lines to be located in the Chicagoland, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Aurora or surrounding areas with fast response times and easy scheduling, please contact:

Mark Sims, Project Manager - Chicago, IL (224) 661-5218 | mark.sims@gp-radar.com