Utility Line Depth & Location Scanning for Large Communications Company - Melbourne, FL

Anytime renovations are made, or when new construction is underway, there will always be a need for new communication lines to be installed. Directional boring companies based out of Melbourne, Florida know that when you are going to dig a trench line, or directional bore, you need to have all of the utility lines located before you put anything in the ground.

One of the biggest communication installation companies in Melbourne recently had to install several new communication lines for a building that was being constructed. Of course, they first contacted 811 to mark out the city utilities. However, with 811, many lines can be missed, and GPRS is able to provide more precise scanning results. Additionally, we are able to provide our customers with the depths, and mapping imagery of utility lines. Of course, this extra information can be very helpful for the successful completion of most projects.

For this project, two major directional bores needed to be performed, and to accomplish this, the company needed to work across a large multi-lane intersection. Due to the fact that this was busy road, GPRS Project Manager, Nate Schome used cones and a flagging service to redirect traffic.

After several hours of scanning, all of the major utilities and their depths were marked onto the surface with paint. The intersection included a water main, sewer lines, storm drain lines, and a gas line.

Once the work was completed, GPRS Project Manager, Nate Schome mapped out all of the findings onto a Google Map image, with notations providing all of the results of the scan. Thanks to this helpful information, the directional boring team was then able to bore in each location and rest at ease, knowing they would not hit anything. The bores were completed without incident, and the lines were installed.

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