Underground Utility Locating at a Former Gas Station - Glendale AZ

Don’t just rely on your local 1 call system to have utilities marked prior to excavating. It’s imperative to utilize all measures of locating private utilities prior to excavating. You never know what may be passing through a proposed excavation area even if as built drawings were provided. Please contact your local GPRS representative to assist with locating the underground utilities.

An environmental consultant company had a project at a former gas station in Glendale AZ where they were tasked with removing 3 underground gas tanks on the property. It was unknown as to the path of any underground utilities that may be passing through the area of the UST’s. They knew existing electrical was heading to the dispensers but didn’t know the path. The environmental company also needed to know if any other existing utilities were present before proceeding with excavating to remove the UST’s to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Arizona was contacted by the environmental consulting company to investigate the proposed excavation area to locate any underground utilities. GPRS first investigated their surroundings to locate any above ground manholes, visible conduit housings, transformers, etc. to get an idea of what possible utilities may be in the area. They utilized a 400 Mhz antenna along with a radio detection device to investigate the area for potential utilities. GPRS was able to locate the existing electrical feeds to the gas dispensers, communication, water & most important the unknown path of main electrical that was passing directly through the proposed excavation area. When finished with locating the utilities, the GPRS technician walked the site contact around to explain all the markings.

  • GPRS - Underground Utility Locating at a Former Gas Station in Glendale AZ.
  • GPRS - Underground Utility Locating at a Former Gas Station in Glendale AZ

Prior to excavating, trenching, drilling or digging, contact GPRS of Arizona to help assist with marking the private utilities passing through the property. Senior Project Manager, Thaddeus Bullock, can be reached at 480.540.6092 or Thaddeus.bullock@gprsinc.com. GPRS can assist with underground utility locating, UST location & potential washout/voids. They also provide concrete scanning to mark reinforcing steel, post tension cables, conduits & potential washout/voids. All findings are marked in real time directly on the surface.