Post-Tension Cables and Rebar Located FL

Brasfield & Gorrie Construction of Orlando hired GPRS to locate post-tension cables, beams, and rebar in Florida Hospital Orlando executive building in order to preserve the strength of the building when coring a hole for a new electric floor box. This allowed the structure to be preserved the way the engineers intended it to be. Location of the reinforcement also allowed workers to be safe when making these additions.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems used the GSSI 1600MHz antenna and RD7000 to analyze and locate anomalies in concrete on the site. GPR can also be used to locate utilities and underground storage tanks (USTs). GPR is a safe alternative to X-ray and does not cause disruption or safety hazard to other workers or tenants. For more information about GPRS’s capabilities and availability please contact Project Manager Dane Short at 407-335-6588 or