Post Tension Cable Locate in Residential Home in Phoenix, AZ

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. of Phoenix, AZ was contacted by a local residential general contractor to locate post tension cables and conduit in a concrete slab for a residential renovation in Phoenix, AZ.

The contractor had the task of relocating a shower / sewer drain line in a post tension concrete slab. Unfortunately, this contractor DID NOT call GPRS to conduct post tension cable locating services PRIOR to saw cutting the concrete slab. This resulted in the cutting of at least two post tension cables, causing extensive and costly repair costs and structural liabilities. As this contractor was then required to repair the cut post tension cables, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was called to help locate the cables to indicate where the damaged cables needed repair. This required the locating of post tension cable in the slab. Post tension cable is often tightened to 20,000 psi or greater in residential settings and is extremely expensive to repair as well as extremely dangerous if cut, due to high tension. GPRS, Inc. arrived on site to provide immediate, real-time, digital concrete imaging (Ground Penetrating Radar) and illustrated on site, the clear locations of all post tension cables. This allowed for the contractor to safely understand the location of all post tension cables within the slab, giving an extremely clear visual to safely access and repair the cut cables.

This contractor was not only extremely pleased with the Ground Penetrating Radar, post tension cable locating services, they also expressed how much more inexpensive it is to have locating services onsite to locate cables PRIOR to cutting and eliminating costly repairs and risk exposure to a snapping cable. GPRS will be back to help them locate post tension cables on their next project, PRIOR to any saw cutting!