Mapping out an area for a bathroom remodel in hotel suite - FL

From homeowner to business owner and from a house to a hotel no one likes the dirty work. Renovations are made every day time and time again. For those that do not have building or home blueprints it can be hard to see a renovation even be possible. Recently we at GPRS (Ground Penetrating Radar) were contacted about a simple project of moving a few toilet and shower drains for the remodel of a few hotel suites. Not having the specs for reinforcing steel and Post Tension cable brought them to the need to see inside the 7” slab.

They were looking for what type bar and at what depths each was running. Looking for a toilet drain hole is not always available in a single spot. Mapping out at 2’ x 4’ area allowed us to find a clear core hole drilling spot for a 5” core.

Whether it be a small home renovation or a large hotel remodel the GPRS experts will help you find a location to relocate that drain. Below is a depiction of work while locating different possible locations for a toilet drain.