Locating underground utilities– Kansas City, MO

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) was called to locate underground utilities in Kansas City, MO. The client was replacing the asphalt in a parking lot and was concerned about striking the existing electric and fiber lines that were known to be in the area. Because of the work performed by GPRS, our client was able to perform his work in the area, and prevent any costly repairs or injuries to his employees.

GPRS’S expertise in locating the unknown can provide the fastest and most reliable locate for your next project. GPRS can assist you with all of your locating and radar needs. Using GPRS will not only save time and money during construction, it can also save a life. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems can also assist you in your projects in Wichita, Salina, Dodge City and any other area in Kansas or Missouri. For more information about GPRS capabilities or questions on how we could assist you on your next project please contact Terry Jeffries at terry.jeffries@gp-radar.com or 913-232-6533

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