Locating Reinforcement on Elevated Slab- Omaha, NE

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Omaha was hired to locate reinforcement in an elevated slab for office building. The client needed to core drill through a 9-inch slab and it was vital for a successful project to not hit any conduits or reinforcement. After determining the area of scope that needed to be scanned, GPRS scanned the slab was able to successfully find all reinforcement and found no conduits in the area. The technician marked out the reinforcement pattern for the client in the coring area. The client had confidence that GPRS was able determine a clear and safe area to core drill in making this a successful and accident free project.

GPR is essential for every company to use before drilling into concrete. Scanning the slab using GPRS services prevents costly repairs and dangerous accidents while giving clients solutions to their subsurface problems. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Omaha can assist you on any projects in Nebraska. For more information about how we help you on your project, please contact Will Sizemore at will.sizemore@gprsinc.com or at (913) 335-4301.