Locating reinforcement in an elevated slab– Kansas City

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) of Kansas City was called to scan an elevated concrete slab in Kansas City, MO before any work was performed. The client was core drilling into the slab and wanted to make sure none of the structural integrity of the building was compromised during the process. GPRS was able to mark the reinforcement in the slab directly on the surface which allowed the contractor to perform his work without striking any anomalies.

Using GPR to scan an area before core drilling is a smart and effective solution to help avoid conduits, post-tension cables, rebar and other items within the slab. GPRS can assist you with all of your radar needs. Using GPRS will not only save time and money during construction, it can also save a life. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems can also assist you in your projects in Wichita, Salina, Dodge City and any other area in Kansas or Missouri. For more information about GPRS capabilities or questions on how we could assist you on your next project please contact Terry Jeffries at terry.jeffries@gp-radar.com or 913-232-6533.

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