Locating Conduits and Reinforcement on an Elevated Slab-Omaha, NE

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Kansas City was hired to analyze concrete on an elevated slab in Omaha. A hotel building was being renovated and needed several core drillings to update the plumbing on each floor. It was critical when core drilling that the project move forward without any electrical hits or pipe hits as the hotel was still operational. It was also critical to avoid any reinforcement to preserve the structural integrity of the building. The technician was able to determine the spacing and depth of the reinforcement. GPRS also found two conduits running through the proposed coring area.

GPR is essential for every company to use before drilling into concrete. Scanning the slab using GPRS services prevents costly repairs and dangerous accidents while giving clients solutions to their subsurface problems. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Kanas City can assist you on any projects in Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. For more information about how we help you on your project, please contact Will Sizemore at will.sizemore@gprsinc.com or at (913) 335-4301.

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