Locating Any Utilities In The Ground For A Project Site - Chicago, IL

A Chicago construction company wanted to locate any utilities in the ground for one of their project sites. They were going to drill into the ground to put in support for a cell tower they were building and wanted to minimize the risk of hitting an unknown or utilities. They hired Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) to come in and locate the utilities and any other anomalies we may find in the ground going across their path.

Using the SIR-3000 and RD-7000 Wand we were able to locate utilities around throughout the designated path. Each utility that we found was clearly marked with different colored paint to differentiate each utility or unknown. We were able to locate a power main going directly through the project site but did not go where the contractor wanted to dig. Thanks to our service the contractor was able to dig with knowledge and a better understanding of what was happening underground. Our state of the art GSSI GPR equipment can send radio signals into the ground/concrete/asphalt that send back in real time data for onsite interpretation. The radio waves are safe for workplaces so there is no need for stoppage in work around scan areas. Our RD-7000 technology can detect live signals in the ground to find smaller cables, (power/cables lines) that GPR scans may miss. This technology can also send signals through exposed utilities using conductive waves. Utilizing both technologies enables GPRS to provide more information within the equipment limits to better inform the client. GPRS technicians are commonly called for scanning for utilities and voids than can assist with soil and directional borings, digging, and drilling into the ground.

At GPRS safety is one our #1 priority, when digging or drilling the last thing you or our technicians want, is to hit a surprise in the concrete or ground. While you may think that there is nothing in the ground, there is an unfortunate number of clients that call because they were proven wrong. The price of one of our technicians is well worth the price compared to the costs of repairing a mishap later on.

If you have any questions about GPRS applications or would have a need for GPR, feel free to contact Parker Schings on his cell: (224)422-7284 or through email: parker.schings@gprsinc.com If you are outside the Chicago area, GPRS is nationwide so please visit the contact page to find your closest local Project Manager.

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