Locate Reinforcement in a Slab - Clemson, SC

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) was requested on site at the Clemson University SCE&G Energy Innovation Center to perform a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey. The purpose of this survey was to locate reinforcement in a slab built to support the weight of the a 15MW wind turbine during service. Customer was going to be drilling into the slab to install more supports for the turbine, which is one of the largest in the world, while it is laying on the slab. GPRS was able to identify the location of the reinforcing rebar and mark their locations prior to drilling. All the reinforcement that was located with GPR was able to be identified with the depth so the customer knew their depth limits. This was a huge asset and was able to save the customer valuable time and help prevent any possible damage to unknown utilities.

We used a GSSI (Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc) Ground Penetrating Radar Unit with one specific antenna. This device transmits an electromagnetic pulse through the ground and displays the reflection on a screen for interpretation. The 1600 MHz antenna was used on this specific project. This allows for GPR signal penetration of around 18” given some factors. GPRS also used radio detection on this project as a supplement to the GPR.

With the access of different equipment we were able to use radar to locate reinforcement in the slab and to make sure there were no other lines that were unknown prior to drilling. This saves customers time and money when it comes to staying on schedule and avoiding costly/hazardous mistakes. There are many applications where ground penetrating radar may be applicable.

As a member of the GPRS family allowing the ease of mind to our customers and giving them a guideline on what can be done to ensure safety and cost efficiency on their projects is an ever-rewarding experience. Whether it is scanning for utilities to avoid during soil borings, identifying rebar or post tension cables prior to drilling/cutting into a slab or anything in between we at GPRS have all your “Subsurface Scanning Solutions”.

If you feel you may have a project that you could use our services on or may be able to benefit from GPR, you can reach out to me directly with my contact information below or visit our website at WWW.GPRSINC.COM for more information about our services that we offer.



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