Ground Penetrating Radar and Radio Detection used to locate Subsurface Utilities. - Elko, NV

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) of Salt Lake City, UT was contacted by a surveyor to locate utilities prior mapping out utilities for future projects. Specifically, the client was curious about utilities nearby that may cause a hazard when installing charging stations for electric vehicles. With increasing numbers of Electric Vehicles (EV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) hitting the streets, more businesses are adding electric vehicle parking so customers vehicles can charge while shopping.

GPRS, Inc. arrived on site without delay utilizing Radio Detection and GPR for a more accurate and thorough utility locate, eliminating potential safety hazards and costly repairs. The power feed, communication lines, storm drains and sight lighting were all marked out allowing the customer to know where to take care during excavation.

GPRS specializes in subsurface utility locating, including Underground Storage Tank (UST) locating. The GPR technology also spreads out into the construction industry by allowing objects to be identified in concrete slabs. Similar to an x-ray of the slab, Ground Penetrating Radar can identify the reinforcement, conduit, and even potential voids within the slab; without the costly set up of x-ray. GPRS has an office local in Salt Lake City, Ut serving all of Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. There are also offices located across the U.S in all major cities and states. Feel free to contact me, Reggie Griffiths directly at 810-678-1214 or for another local representative, please visit our website at

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Locate Subsurface Utilities - Elko NV.jpg