GPRS Used to Help Engineers Ensure Safety, Boston, MA

A General Contractor had a project in Boston, MA where the scope of the project was to figure out if the CMU walls that were recently built were constructed properly with grout and rebar. The General Contractor decided to contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Rhode Island after learning that they have been in business since 2001 and each technician has the experience of performing over 350 surveys per year. GPRS was able to complete the investigation that same day and allowed the engineers to start planning their project immediately. GPRS uses real time applications and were experienced enough to be able to locate all of the reinforcing in the area.

GPRS was able to find that all of the cells were indeed grouted. We did not find any hollow cells in any of the sections of wall we were asked to scan around the elevator shafts and stairwells of the building that was being constructed. GPRS Technicians also utilize a Radio Detection device in order to be able to detect all live power and radio frequencies to help further determine if an anomaly is an electric or a communications line to help give the Contractor as much information as possible. The General Contractor now had the information they needed to proceed with the project without causing any delays and with the peace of mind knowing that the building was being constructed properly and that his subcontractors were doing all they can to make the building structurally safe.. The General Contractor was enamored with the quality of work that was performed and the timely, efficient manner in which it was done

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