GPRS Structural Reinforcement Locate - Albany, NY

A General Contractor had a project consisting of locating steel reinforcement (rebar) in a concrete floor in order to miss any structural support while core drilling at SUNY Albany. The scope of the project was to locate and identify any reinforcement in the concrete due to dated and possibly inaccurate record keeping. The General Contractor decided to contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of New York after learning that they have been in business since 2001 and each technician has the experience of performing over 350 surveys per year. GPRS was able to complete the investigation within 2 hours and allowed the project to proceed with the reinforcement knowledge of the concrete floor. The field technician was able to locate and annotate the depth of both vertical and horizontal rebar. Through the use of real time applications and an experienced technician GPRS was able to locate all of the steel reinforcement, and give the client an up to date and precise layout of what lies within the concrete floor.

At the job site, GPRS scanned the designated columns identified by onsite personnel and all reinforcement was mapped on the surface with sharpie and given a depth to ensure precision. The General Contractor now had the information needed to proceed with the project without causing any delay in business. The General Contractor was enamored with the quality of work that was performed and the timely, efficient manner in which it was done.

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