GPRS Scans Roof Washington D.C.

A general contractor in the DC Metro area needed to scan the tops of the columns supporting the existing roof to add an additional 4 stories on top of a fully occupied building. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. of Washington, DC was called to map out all of the reinforcing steel, post tension cables, and conduits within those particular areas. The engineers in the building did not want any structural steel hit in the building. Stephen Yant was able to not only locate the targets in the concrete, but to give an exact depth as well. GPRS was able to scan the locations during normal working hours because the radiation of the ground penetrating radar is less harmful than your cell phone. There were approximately 35 different locations that needed scanned. The project is an ongoing project in which GPRS is able to have multiple managers on site to keep the project on schedule. Ground penetrating radar can efficiently and accurately locate reinforcing steel inside the concrete.

Feel free to try our rapid response a complimentary service in addition to your usual GPR needs. For the times when your client adds an additional area to your scope of work, or a crew needs to explore a wider territory, we can help. We can assist you on your project within 24 hours of request. The rapid response service is available within 60 miles of the DC, Baltimore, and Richmond areas. We are in the works of providing the rapid response service for the Annapolis, Virginia Beach, and Roanoke areas.

What does this mean for you?

You can continue to schedule work with your usual GPRS contact, but when an urgent need occurs on your site, GPRS is ready and available. We understand that time is money and we do not want you to fall behind because of concrete scanning. There are no extra costs for the v service. The same daily/nightly rates apply. If you are flexible with your schedule we will be flexible to make sure your project is taken care of.

How does it work?

For Projects in Maryland, email: RAPIDRESPONSEMD@GP-RADAR.COM



The team for your area will be notified. You will be contacted ASAP to schedule. Please include the location of your project and the scope of work desired.

Josh Walker performs GPR scanning to locate reinforcing steel in a concrete slab. For assistance in the Washington, DC Metro area contact Josh Walker at 202-642-0712 or