GPRS scans for post-tension cables prior to core drilling - Louisville, KY

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was recently contacted by a general contractor for assistance on a project in downtown Louisville, KY. The contractor needed to core drill one location in the slab to install a new drain. The building was still under construction, but the decision to install a drain came later on after the concrete was poured. Due to this, there was not an existing sleeve to use. The core drill for the drain was to take place inside of cabinets which were being constructed. Existing structural drawings showed one post-tension cable in the area. Also of concern, the drawings showed a change in slab thickness near the proposed core drill area. The drawings showed most of the floor being 10” thick, however, near a column line and edge of the building, the slab thickened to nearly 27”. The client wanted to avoid drilling through any cables and the thick section of the slab.

The area was scanned, and the post-tension cable was marked on the surface. Also, the change in slab thickness was marked as well. The location of the post-tension cable required the contractor to adjust the location of the core drill. By calling GPRS, the client was able to avoid hitting a post-tension cable, and safely proceed with the project.

Post-Tension Cable And Slab Thickness Change

Post-Tension Cable Traveling Towards Cabinets

GPR Equipment Next To Located Post-Tension Cable

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