GPRS Locates Utilities at a Hospital in Gainesville, Florida

GPRS of Jacksonville was recently contacted to locate utilities at a hospital in Gainesville, Florida. The contractor was installing a new water main/fire main and wanted to avoid damaging any live utilities and lower the risk of injuring any of their employees while digging. GPRS was able to locate a number of different private utilities, including sanitary, storm, gas, water, electrical, communication and fiber optic, as well as a number of unknown lines. As a result, the contractor could safely trench the path needed to complete the work. All utilities were able to be dug around or gently uncovered because of the accurate depths given by the technician on site. This allowed the contractor to dig quicker and safer while keeping them on track with the project scheduling and completion times.

In the image below you can see GPRS technician Adam Yunker scanning with the GSSI 400 MHz antenna. If you would like similar work completed or a quote for your upcoming GPR needs, please visit the contact us today.