Concrete Scanning on 16th Floor of New Building - Central FL

A large scale construction company was constructing a multi-story post tension high rise. After much of the concrete work had been finished their client decided to make several changes to the scope of work which required the company make several penetrations through the concrete slab on the 16th floor. Per project requirements and in an effort to ensure job site safety and structural integrity, the contractor desired to have the areas scanned and located for embedded objects before proceeding with core drilling. Contacting Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to inspect and scan the elevated concrete slab beforehand has become standard protocol for this type of work. GPRS was able to quickly coordinate, schedule and have a project manager onsite within a day or two.

GPRS utilized their GSSI 1600MHz antenna and Mini to analyze the concrete and locate the post tension cables prior to core drilling. The 16 holes they needed to drill were scanned within a few hours and markings were written on the surface of the concrete. The technician then made sure to document the findings in case the client should have any questions after they were finished on site. While on site other contractors heard GPRS was there and more than two other contractors were trying to book GPRS services while on site. After the scanning was completed and findings were explained to the site contact, GPRS was able to coordinate with the other contractors and get them on the schedule. Whether core drilling, saw cutting or trenching through concrete, GPRS uses the most current radar technologies to ensure the most accurate results. The holes that were drilled were drilled without incident. It is GPRS’ goal to provide the highest level locating service for the purpose of locating embedded objects in concrete and/or locating underground utilities. This project represents a usual and customary job where GPRS is committed to excellence and accuracy.

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