Concrete Scanning for Rebar and Conduit Mapping in Virginia Beach, VA

A plant engineer out of Virginia Beach, VA. called Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to locate the rebar and any conduits within a structure where safety measures were being implemented. The customer was wanting to install a life safety device for his employees that were going to be doing some work in a pit and needed a retrieval system to recover them in case of emergency. They were using a mobile system that was very acquired to set up and wanted a more permanent solution to the problem. Anchors needed to be installed into the concrete, and they did not want to hit any reinforcing or conduits while drilling the anchors. The anchors were going in 4” deep. With the proper training we were able to distinguish between the rebar and conduits prior to drilling. GPRS was able to mark directly on the surface the depth and location of the reinforcing steel and conduits in real time. All of our technicians have completed the OSHA 10 training and are currently involved in an ongoing safety training course. Safety is a priority to us at Ground Penetrating Radar Systems and our track record proves it.

GPR is a great tool to locate post tension cables, rebar, and conduits. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Virginia Beach, VA. scans for tension cables, rebar and conduits in slabs multiple times a week. If you need any post tension, rebar, conduit mapping in the Virginia Beach, VA., Norfolk, VA, Chesapeake, VA, Hampton, VA, Hampton Roads area of VA, please contact Bryan Housand at 757-335-1789 or at