Concrete Scan to Locate Post Tension Cables - Melbourne, FL

In 2016, there seems to be a lot of new construction all over the Orlando area and East Coast Florida. Recently, GPRS completed a project at a new high rise building that was being constructed north of Melbourne, Florida. The large construction company was having trouble in identifying the location of post tension cables within several concrete slabs. Although there are several x-ray companies and radar scanning technicians in the Orlando area, the project manager of this particular project reached out to Ground Penetrating Radar Systems: The Experts in GPR for their services.

As were were completing the initial project, several contracted electricians and plumbers decided to hire us to clear core drilling locations on the same visit. After some quick collaboration, Nate was able to coordinate with all three of the contractors; all while making sure that the individual needs of each of the contactors were met. The process of clearing several areas took the entire day, but, after all of the areas were scanned, all of the core drilling locations were cleared and drilled without incident.

For this project, GPRS utilized a combination of the GSSI 1600MHz antenna and an antenna known as a “palm antenna”, which is designed to scan hard to reach or tight areas. The palm antenna is very helpful technology, especially when projects require the scanning of beams or columns. After scanning the areas, all of the findings were marked on the surface of the concrete with markers. The site was then walked with each contractor so that each of the contractors were well informed of the results of the scan. They were also informed of any precautions that they should be aware of. GPRS staffs project managers and scan technicians that can communicate, adapt, and work well under pressure. Client’s situations or needs can sometimes change, and this is something that GPRS expects and anticipates for.

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