By The Numbers - Orlando, FL

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“We’ve had three GPR companies out already, and all three of them walked off. They said they couldn’t see through the slab. We need to get this done. The plumber has chipped around a few of their missed sleeves, and they’ve broken 3 cables already.”

That’s was the briefing we received before our job last Thursday. Perhaps some would consider it folly to show up for a job knowing that three competitors had already passed it up as too risky. We considered it a chance to prove ourselves. GPRS mobilized in under 24 hours and completed the job in an afternoon. We called Jeff, our site contact, a few days later to confirm that there were no issues. Jeff said that the drilling had gone perfectly.

If Jeff had not called GPRS, he would have been drilling at his own risk. His proposed locations were marked on the slab when we arrived, and no less than 5 of these locations were directly over PT cables.

How did GPRS succeed where 3 competitors had failed?

In all honesty, it was not surprising that these competitors had walked off this job. The slab was unusually thick, at 14”, and as a result, the GPR was unable to see the bottom of the slab. Without seeing the bottom, our competitors could not be certain that PT cables weren’t hiding just below their visible range. They could see that numerous cables were running through the slab, but could not mark any location as safe.

GPRS is the largest GPR company in the nation, and one of the oldest, with technicians in every major US city. We have more combined hours of scanning experience than any competitor in the nation, and with that experience comes the expertise to provide subsurface scanning solutions to customer’s like Jeff. We used our extensive knowledge of construction method’s and PT installation practices to correctly diagnose this slab. Like our competition, we could not see the bottom of the slab, but we were able to locate and account for every single band of post tension cables in the hallway. PT cables typically (but not always) rise and fall through the slab, so we were able to locate the cables at their shallow points. Working backwards from there, we were able to connect the dots to show the customer which of his holes where safe, and which were directly over a PT run.

The end result was that we saved Jeff and his team from a potentially catastrophic ordeal. If you want your next job done right, call the company with experience to do it on the first try. Call GPRS at 407.335.6588